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Dr. Pensak is a Clinical Psychologist, author and researcher specializing in treating postpartum mental health, anxiety, OCD, and depression. She provides evidence-based therapy to her patients. 

Dr. Pensak serves on the Expert Review Board for Parents Magazine.

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Nicole's TEDx Talk on
The Power of the Maternal Brain

Coming October 2023 


Her New Book 

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Individual Psychotherapy

Consulting | Coaching

Speaking | Media | News

Individual Psychotherapy

Evidence-based, individual therapy for adults and adolescents in New Jersey and New York


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Postpartum Anxiety, Depression, OCD
High Functioning Anxiety and Depression

Consulting | Coaching

If you live outside the New York or New Jersey area, I offer private consultation services by phone or Zoom. Consultation is different from the deeper, individual therapy. I do not treat clinical levels of mental health symptoms in this capacity.

Consultation can be helpful for working on a specific problem or for creating a concrete plan to move forward.

Consultation services can be short-term, longer-term, or ongoing, and can be helpful for working on a specific problem or for creating a concrete plan to move forward on a more complex issue.  I am available for consultation for the following areas:

  • Postpartum Mental Health Care Plan

  • Parenting Children with Anxiety

  • Meeting a specific career, relationship, life goal 

  • Family Relational Issues

  • Creating a Healthier Lifestyle 

  • Personal Development

  • Life Transitions 

  • Stress management

Speaking | Media | News

Stay Tuned for my TEDx Talk 
October 12, 2023


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