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The Perfect Gift for Expectant Moms, New Moms, and Moms of Littles. Mamas- don't forget to put RATTLED on your Baby Registry.



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  • ISBN: 978-1-68268-830-4

  • 240 pages


How to Calm New Mom Anxiety with the Power of the Postpartum Brain

Published by Countryman Press

by Nicole Pensak (Author)

Chatter for new mothers, this reassuring and practical handbook helps women navigate the seismic changes—in identity and emotion—that motherhood brings.

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest changes a woman can experience. According to Harvard- and Yale-trained psychologist Dr. Nicole Pensak, it’s completely normal for a new mom to feel unlike herself, physically and psychologically different—to feel “rattled.” In fact, research shows that a woman’s brain shifts in real, biological ways very quickly. There are, however, also boosts in brainpower that can help to manage the distress and harness the advantages of the postpartum brain. In Rattled, Dr. Pensak draws on her own experiences and insights gleaned from her clinical practice to provide practical and emotional support for new moms, helping to relieve the anxiety and pressure for perfection in motherhood. She discusses mental health treatment and the many changes a mother undergoes, and offers accessible scientific information, relatable anecdotes, and strategies for self-care. An important book for new mothers and their families.

Nicole Pensak

Nicole Amoyal Pensak, PhD, is a nationally recognized licensed clinical psychologist certified in Perinatal Mental Health, specializing in anxiety, depression, and OCD treatment. She trained at the Yale School of Medicine, completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School, and currently owns a private practice based in Monmouth, New Jersey.

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