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Holding Hands

Cancer Caregiver Program

Have you or a loved one been
diagnosed with cancer?

Not sure how to best support them?


Purchase Your Cancer Caregiver Support Program Below

The perfect gift for you or someone you love that is a caregiver.

Click the video below to rent or purchase

Online Caregiver Stress Management Program

 Click on video below to learn more about the Pep-Pal program or purchase.

In just 10 minutes per session, you can learn effective skills to help you manage stress!

  • 10 Full-Length Video Sessions, Only 10 Minutes Each

  • 12 Brief, Video Guided Stress Management Exercises, Less than 3 Minutes Each

  • Can watch on mobile phone, laptop, computer, or tablet

  • Unlimited Viewing

  • Great for Spouses, Adult Children, Family Members, and Friends 

  • Evidence-Based


​Pep-Pal was developed by nationally and internationally recognized researchers on caregiver stress management and mobilized intervention development at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Research participants who used Pep-Pal reported decreases in perceived stress, increases in learning stress management skills, and women reported improved intimacy.

Please See CV Page for Published Scientific Papers on Pep-Pal

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