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Podcast: How to Go From Surviving to Thriving in Motherhood with Dr. Nicole Pensak

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

A Better Way, Making it as a Momprenuer

Listen to full podcast here.

Dr. Nicole Pensak is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and owner of Atlantic Coast Mind & Body in Little Silver, New Jersey. Specializing in caregiver well-being, Dr. Pensak focuses much of her work researching and treating mothers with perinatal mental health conditions. Using evidence-based strategies and techniques, not to mention her own experiences as a busy mom and entrepreneur, Dr. Pensak helps moms better understand themselves through the psychotherapy experience so they can thrive in motherhood.

Join Courtney, Danielle, and Dr. Pensak as they chat through:

  • The double standard moms face in today’s society

  • Why we can’t control what other people think of us and what to aim for, instead

  • What mom brain really means and how you can make it work for you instead of against you

  • What mom flow is and how to incorporate more of it into your life

Connect with Dr. Pensak:

Instagram: @drnikkipensak

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